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To engineering systems

Utilities — is the foundation of modern human existence, without which it is not possible to imagine life in modern society. Light, heat and water.

  • Water supply. Installation of indoor and outdoor water facilities, separate buildings, country houses, cottage settlements and others.
  • Drain. From design to installation of septic tanks, sewage treatment plants. The economic, household, industrial, sewage overflow, system cleanup.
  • Heating. Design, installation and connection of heating systems; supply of equipment under customer installation boilers, heating units, heating external networks.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning. Covering the modern climate equipment — from small split systems to complex HVAC large commercial, public and industrial buildings.
  • Electricity. Design and installation of power supply, design and coordinate external electrical network mount external and internal lighting.
  • Drainage. Planning, coordination and mount different drainage systems (near-wall drainage systems, stormwater).
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